The Lifespan™ Planning Process

Our clients benefit from an engaged, results-driven estate planning process.  After attending Client Law School™, clients are invited to meet with James D. Evans personally.  Mr. Evans will customize the planning process to meet your needs, your circumstances, and your​ expectations.

The Law Offices of James D. Evans approaches planning with a comprehensive Three Step Strategy™ :


​Our legal specialty is estate planning, it's the focus of our business, and it's what we do best.  Successful planning is not a one-time appointment.  It's doesn't come from a box, or a website.  Results are driven by an attorney who gets to know YOU, and clients who are open to developing that relationship.  Counseling considers the larger picture, the variety of options available to you, and the legacy you will leave for generations to come.   Together, counselling enables us to acknowledge the following:

  • Protect your assets, and your loved ones' inheritance fro​m creditors, law suits, and predatory schemes
  • ​Minimize estate, income, and capital gains taxes
  • Maintain control of your property while alive, and plan for the worst in the event of a disability
  • Consider long term care costs
  • Preserve every possible dollar, with costs that are anticipated, and not a surprise



Nothing in life is certain, you don't need an attorney to remind you of that.  But you do need an attorney who is not oblivious to change, especially changes in the lives of clients.  The Law Offices of James D. Evans prepares clients to consider change​.   The personal, familial, and financial circumstances you experience now may not be the same tomorrow.  Much like you, tax and estate laws are ever-changing as well. 

Continuous updating and education are a core focus of ours.  Just because your wishes are on paper today, doesn't mean they are etched in stone.  Paper can be updated, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their estate planning is a direct reflection of who they are, and how they want to be remembered.

​Do not let cost be prohibitive.  Our costs are up-front, minimal, and predictable.  


​An estate plan experiences three periods of costs:  the cost of counselling and design at the beginning of your planning process, the cost of updating, and the cost incurred by your loved ones after you pass.

A well designed estate plan, though not bulletproof, will avoid probate.  The highest costs incurred are those associated with probate.  With an estate plan custom tailored to you, and loved ones who are engaged and well-informed, our clients estates will often avoid probate.  Our goal is to keep you, and your family, out of mediation, and out of court.

Client Law School

Creating and maintaining your estate plan is an engaged process, and it begins with Client Law School™.    Interested in estate planning?  Completed a plan, but wish you knew more about it?  A financial advisor or professional in fields related to estate planning?  ALL are welcome!  This 90-minute lesson is our unique introduction to:

  • Providing for your loved ones, especially those with special needs
  • Tips for staying current with ever-changing taxes and laws
  • ​The costs associated with estate planning
  • ​Communicating your planning and wishes with loved ones
  • ​Techniques for lowering overall costs associated with estate planning, including costs incurred by your loved ones after you've passed

Client Law School is FREE, and there is absolutely no obligation!   We simply request that you register for class.  

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