A commitment to counseling is at the core of successful estate planning, and at the LAW OFFICES OF JAMES D. EVANS, we are proud to offer a variety of avenues by which to maintain your legacy and associated planning.  Clients enrolled in our LifeSpan™  program are those who like to be in-the-know, and maintain a current understanding of the legal, financial, and emotional implications of the modern-day estate plan.

As a LifeSpan™ client, you are invited to attend exclusive events and programs throughout the year, designed specifically to update, educate, and engage our clients.  If you are a current client, or new to estate planning, and interested in joining LifeSpan™, please contact us today!

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DocuBank Membership

DocuBank provides clients of the Law Offices of James D. Evans the exclusive benefit, convenience, and peace-of-mind that comes with having vital documents in your pocket at all times, literally.  With a card that fits in your wallet, your advance directives, such as a healthcare power of attorney, are always accessible.  DocuBank membership is included with every Lifespan™ estate plan we offer.
The DocuBank Emergency Card provides medical staff with 24/7 access to medical directives, physician and emergency contacts, allergy and medical information, and end of life wishes. ​

​DocuBank Safe allows you to store all of your estate planning and digital asset information in one secure, online location.  Like the Emergency Card, This convenient service is accessible anytime, anywhere.

To contact DocuBank directly, email
info@docubank.com or call toll-free 866-362-8226