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People from all walks of life, including multiple generations within the same client family, 

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Isn't that what you should already expect of an attorney?  Too often, traditional estate planning does not produce the intended results.  Oversights in planning, a lack of updating, and .com one-size-fits-all plans often lead to expensive litigation, and worse, a family disagreement.

New clients often ask "what makes your office so unique from other law firms?"

The answer is found in the process.  We are an estate planning law firm; protecting one's legacy, one's wishes are the very core of our law practice.  We commit to focus on the individual goals of our clients, develop a process whereby  results can be anticipated, and ultimately achieve successful estate planning.

In over 30 years of practicing law, attorney James D. Evans has helped Colorado individuals, and families, plan their legacies.  In a process whereby counseling is a priority, James Evans meets with clients personally and conveniently.  Our clients are well-informed, client-family participation is encouraged, and updating and education are provided continuously.

What Makes Our Estate Planning So Unique?   Counseling